3rd Generation Plumbing & Heating
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3rd Generation Plumbing & Heatng

Fully Licensed & Insured
MA Master #PL-15269
NH Master #4529
ME Master #MS90014229
MA Oil Tech #136164
NH Gas #GFE0905549

There are two ways to contact us:

Please call or Email us if you need any of the following...

  • Repairs – water piping, drain piping, all fixtures (faucets, sinks, shower valves, toilets etc.)
  • Replacements – water pipes, drains, all fixtures (faucets, sinks, shower valves, toilets etc.)
  • Remodeling – bathrooms, kitchens, basements (laundry connections, bar & laundry sinks)
  • Installations – faucets, all piping, basement sinks, back flow devices
  • Preventive Inspections - Heating & plumbing systems
  • Water Heater – Repairs & replacements (gas, electric, direct and indirect)
  • Heating Systems – Hot water & Steam, cleaning, repairs, replacements, new installs
  • New Piping – Gas, water, drains
  • Backflow & Vacume Breaker Devices - Repair, replace & installation
  • Frozen Pipes - Defrost & Repair
  • High Pressure Jetting - For clearing greasy & frozen drainage lines

If you contact us I promise you will recieve a ...

  • Plumber who is experienced and ready to work.
  • Dependable person who'll call you back & show up on time.
  • Courteous plumber who will respect you, your home &/or your business.
  • Plumber who takes pride in his work.
  • Friendly person willing to work hard for you.
  • Person who will clean up when he is done.
  • Plumber who is experienced at the job at hand.

  3rd Generation Plumbing & Heating LLC , Provides plumbing & heating services to residential & commercial clients.